Rolls & Wraps

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Our delicious assorted rolls and wraps. Mix of white, wholemeal, multigrain breads. We recommend 1 wrap or roll per person. 200-300 grams per serving. Minimum order of 5.

Individually wrapped in brown paper bags.

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Dietary Options

Vegetarian, Vegan, Omnivore (Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat)


Rolls, Wraps, Rolls & Wraps


Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Wheat



Flavours Include

Curried egg, lettuce & mayo
Egg, lettuce & mayo
Chicken, lettuce & mayo
Ham, cheese & tomato (vegan option available)
Turkey, cranberry, cheese & lettuce ( vegan option available)
Tuna, lettuce & mayo
Roast pumpkin, hummus, chilli jam & coriander
Salami, pesto, tomato, cheese & lettuce
Falafel, hummus, pickled carrot & lettuce
Roast beef, dill pickle, seeded mustard, mayo, tomato & lettuce
Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, basil pesto & lettuce
Chicken Caesar, chicken, bacon, egg, parmesan mayo & lettuce
Roasted Vegetable, roast pumpkin, roasted capsicum, mushroom, basil pesto, feta cheese & baby spinach
Chicken, avocado, basil pesto, sun dried tomatoes & lettuce
Silverside Beef, coleslaw, honey mustard mayo