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Our Story

The two women behind Let Them Eat
are passionate about food

Tanya Agius

The Foody Chef

After 25 years of working in and running fine-dining restaurants, Tanya wanted to do something different. Through the creation of Let Them Eat, along with co-founder Danielle, Tanya set about creating food that is wholesome, healthy and tasty, moving vegan and vegetarian food out of the ‘hippie’ stereotype into the mainstream.

Tanya is completely hands-on, managing the production kitchen, cooking and supervising all the food, and developing new products – she’s the mastermind behind our menu. It’s not surprising to hear Tanya describe the kitchen as her comfort zone – there’s plenty of comfort to be had in her cooking.

Danielle Frankish

The Foody Entrepreneur

After meeting Tanya in 2008 Danielle realised they had a shared interest in good food and leaving their day jobs to do something completely different. However, unlike Tanya, Danielle was not a great cook. In fact, she didn’t even cook at all. But – thanks to her engineering background (think problem-solver and logical thinker) and oodles of enthusiasm, she quickly set about forming the business with Tanya. They started by selling food wholesale to gourmet stores and attending a few farmers markets and after only a year, they opened their first store and started doing events.

Danielle has come a long way from being the ‘dishy’ at Let Them Eat. Ever the entrepreneur, you can often find her scoping new sites, recruiting new team members and coming up with ways so more people can enjoy Let Them Eat.

Why should we Let Them Eat?


First and foremost, our food is tasty. Like really, really tasty. We know what we’re good at and we do it well. Thanks to our amazing chef (see above) we have perfected the art of making vegetables taste amazing and creating food combinations you won’t find anywhere else. Our customers always come back for more.


Everything on our menu is free of preservatives and chemicals. It’s cooked from scratch using the best ingredients we can find. Over half of our products are vegan and dairy free. Many are also gluten-free. We focus on non-processed, high-protein food which is tasty and comforting.

Local products

Like you, we want to know where our food comes from. So we work really hard to source as many local ingredients as we can, which we then hand-make into the amazing products you see in our stores. At the moment, 95% of our ingredients are from Australia, 75% are from South Australia and we continue to scour the land for more great produce.


We know you’re busy, so our food is fast, easily eaten ‘on the go’ and our packaging makes it super transportable to take back to your desk, home or wherever you’re heading. If you’d rather have a quiet space to enjoy our food, relax in our store cafes and take your time. All of our products can be frozen and many enjoy a long shelf-life in the fridge, too.


We want to take care of our environment as well as our customers. We do our bit by trying to avoid animal products in our food and using sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Our packaging is minimal and either recyclable or compostable. Even labelling is done with stamps, not stickers. Taking our food home? You’re welcome to bring your own reusable containers, if you like.

Our Locations

All of our stores are in handy locations in major shopping areas and for the ultimate in convenience, you can take us home along with your weekly shopping from selected supermarkets and gourmet stores.

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